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Girl Viking Wellbeing Events

Welcome to Girl Viking Events. Girl Viking isn’t just a beauty salon, it’s a wellbeing and healing centre as well. We believe that looking and feeling your best, is not just about looking great on the outside, but feeling great from the inside, in your mind and body.

We are both passionate about making everyone feel their best and have set up the following events to help achieve this. 

Nina & Stacey

New Events to be announced soon

 Dates and information will be added soon


Kambo & Healing Ceremony 

IMG-20221123-WA0005 (1).jpg

Next date coming soon

What is Kambo?


Kambo is a secretion of a giant monkey frog from the Amazon, it is a sacred medicine, which has been used by the indigenous tribes for thousands of years. This peptide has a powerful healing effect on our body, mind and soul. 


Kambo offers transformation and detoxification to our bodies, effecting our lymphatic system, flushing out all toxins and resetting our system. Even though Kambo is challenging, the benefits outweigh the short discomfort we go through during the ceremony.


Kambo moves old energies and blockages from our systems too! Setting us up on a road of resistance, strength and less anxiety, it can have many benefits to ongoing illnesses and disease. Kambo brings the light from the dark into our lives. 

You will go through 3 stages during the Kambo process:


Small burns to the arm where the secretion is placed, called opening the gates. Discomfort lasting 10/15 min 




Then the sense of clarity with warm food and comfort.


£85 per person 


Qualified practitioner - Nina will run this session, she qualified in Bulgaria. 

To book online - click here

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